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I am a creator of Banditapple Carnet.
We make fountain pen friendly handmade notebooks.

For limited time only,ANYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD
We can send you a sample of Banditapple Carnet to you.  
1 single note via regular air mail (2-3 weeks) for while supply last. 

ONLY if you pay $3(usd) via Paypal in advance.($3 is shipping fee.)
We have 3 different colors.

We have 3 different formats.

-80 gsm of HERITAGE PAPER™ (acid-free paper)
-64 pages
-Printed with Soy Type Ink
-Fountain pen friendly (NO feathering & bleedthrough)

For more detail and question, owner@banditapple.com

-ANY WHERE around the world.
-More info, http://goo.gl/FnTREz
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the Banditapple Company.
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